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GenSmarts Software    |    GenSmarts Training

1.V2 GenSmarts (CD+Download)V2 GenSmarts (CD+Download)
Our most popular way of getting GenSmarts - Includes one hour video tutorial. Includes the ability to download immediately, or you can wait to install from your CD when it arrives in the mail.
Price: $29.95

Other GenSmarts Packaging Options

2.V2 GenSmarts (Deluxe CD+Download)V2 GenSmarts (Deluxe CD+Download)
Includes everything our regular CD does (including immediate download)... plus an additional 2.5 hours of video training on some of GenSmarts more advanced/lesser known features.
Price: $34.95

3.V2 GenSmarts (Download Only)V2 GenSmarts (Download Only)
This is an activation key and download only - no CD or Tutorial is included. For folks who do not need the video training and have high speed connections.
Price: $24.95

GenSmarts Training    |    GenSmarts Software

4.V2 GenSmarts Training CDV2 GenSmarts Training CD
For existing customers, this CD contains all 3.5+ hours of the training content in our deluxe CD.
Price: $9.95